• Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spamming....

    Just had to turn off my new message notification and limit comments to "friends" due to ridiculous level of bogus comments that were spammy links for twitter follower sales or something. What a shame as I like to be open and hope people will find blog of interest.

  • blog neglect - a spanking offence?! New technology

    Just responded to some comments as I had an email telling me I'd received them and managed to remember my password!

    I am sat in a hotel room in Lille and writing my first post on a tablet - how the world is changing around me!

    I'm still a Twitter virgin, am judicious with my use of Facebook and know my fear of Skype is a restriction, but I am getting there!

    I don't want to turn into someone who prioritises those on end of mobile to those sat with me, which I find I'll-mannered, but hoping for a happy medium in this brave New techy world.

  • vampires and homo-eroticism...

    I'm absolutely no goth and not especially "into" vampires but can see all the erotic potential and understand the symbolism of all that neck-biting.

    I enjoyed the book of Dracula but it was not the easiest of reads. And I find some of the early Hammer House films quite fun. I loved both Herzog's Nosferatu and the 1920s original for their atmosphere but that's about as far as it goes.

    Oh! And there was a very sexy stage production which was one of my first visits to the theatre and there were naked people up close!

    Anyway - I digress...

    Not overly into vampires, but not immune either I suppose - just not a central erotic motif. that said I just adore "True Blood". There is a lot of sexual activity, but more than this, there is an underlying sexual tension that makes the thing as steamy as the South in which it is based. The brooding sexuality of vampires and various supernaturals just simmer throughout and the title sequence with the fabulous refrain "I wanna do bad things with you" is seriously weird and hot.

    I totally get that a lot of men love "girl on girl" lipstick lesbian stuff and although I'm not especially voyeuristic, there have been some amazingly homo-erotic dream scenes which I thought very sexy. I remember feeling the same about some gay men scenes in "Queer as Folk" many years ago. Both programmes are up there for me with "Brokenback Mountain" for making man-on-man action delightfully tingle-making.

  • Jack Vettriano

    Desert island Discs is back this week and it got me thinking about Mr Vettriano. I remember listening to him on DID and Sue Lawley foolishly suggesting that if he was in love he'd lose his dark fantasies. I was delighted when he politely laughed at her and suggested she didn't have a future in psychology.

    Just listened to it again and he is just fab:

    A sexy, confident man fully accepting his working class roots and at ease with himself whatever some make of his art. It's a great interview and his voice and accent sent tingles down my spine. The lady for whom he chose Leonard Cohen's I'm Your man" is very lucky...!

    Ooh - Vettriano and Cohen - I always say I'm a spankee not a submissive but may be open to persuasion!

  • Long time no blog...

    Can't believe that last time I wrote it was hot! Today has been fierce hail, light hail, rain, wind, sunshine and a rainbow. last night was dramatic winds and a power cut - I've not written a wintry weather spanking tale though - one to think about - all those layers to uncover!:))

  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    South Wales is "Scorchio" - the idea of lingerie on such a day seems madness.

    Another little something I wrote which reflects the weather...

    ...Suzee watched as Stan made a start on the car. God, but it was hot! Reluctantly she reminded herself that the paperwork wouldn’t sort itself. Suzee was wearing a floaty Grecian dress of the thinnest cotton and a pair of plain flesh-coloured cotton knickers underneath. In this heat she couldn’t bear anything more close fitting. As she started collating her paperwork, Suzee got even more hot and bothered.

    “This is ridiculous,” she thought as the heat got to her and she decided to lose her knickers in the heat of the afternoon sun. She couldn’t help her grin as she heard Stan working away as she pulled down her own underwear and stepped out of the thin cotton pants. Seemed a shame to be taking down her own knickers, when due a spanking. She decided that a nice fresh pair of white or black cotton could be put on later for Stan. Covered only in the thin cotton of her frock and barefooted, Suzee still found herself overwhelmed by the heat as she rearranged her papers in a desultory manner.

    Suzee could not believe how hot she still was and wondered in amazement how Stan could work so hard in t-shirt and jeans in the heat. She couldn’t imagine how she’d cope as the heat really began to get at her. She was determined to carry on though, as she thought of poor Stan working away on the car she’d damaged, despite the unexpectedly hot day.

    An hour later, Suzee had had enough. She’d done a fair amount, but by no means all that she had intended. With relief she stepped into the cool, refreshing shower, and swilled off the heat of the day. Within moments of soaping and rinsing, she was again aware of the heat. She wrapped herself in the bath sheet briefly to remove the excess water and allowed the water to dry on her skin.

    She was still very hot, but feeling clean and lying on the bed, Suzee could appreciate the feel of the heat as it induced a lazy sleepiness in her. With guilty relief she realised that Stan sounded as though he was clearing up, so must have finished working in that awful heat. Wrapping the bath sheet around herself once more Suzee hurried downstairs to make him a cup of tea. She knew that nothing refreshed as much as tea, despite the heat.

    Stan was drenched in sweat. He gratefully accepted his tea and Suzee’s suggestion of a shower was almost superfluous in the circumstances. Suzee thought how sexy he looked in the jeans and t-shirt grubby and damp from the work on the car, but a clean Stan would also be rather nice…

    Once again Suzee lay on the bed, managing to enjoy the heat as she listened to Stan in the shower. She was so sleepy, though! She could not imagine having the energy to make love, let alone take a spanking… Suzee believed in fair play, but believing in anything in this heat was all she could imagine herself capable of doing. She hated to disappoint Stan, but a spanking just seemed impossible…
    Stan came out of the shower, towelling himself with more energy than Suzee had managed. By now Suzee had got under the thin summer duvet, appreciating its initial coolness against her skin. As Stan towelled his hair she apologised to him:

    “I know we agreed to a spanking, Lover, but it’s just too damn hot! I honestly don’t think I can cope and for the first time ever, it doesn’t appeal to me! It’s so nice just lying here… How about a siesta and you can owe me a spanking?” ...

  • The joys of lingerie

    Rereading my sexy snippet reminded me of something else wot i rote a while ago.

    Feeling one has to wear frilly knickers or a rubber peephole bra (or whatever...) to be sexy isn't sexy. But dressing up in something to add to the mood because you want to (and not because you need to) is quite delicious.

    This is something I wrote about dressing for fun:

    She smiled to herself as she thought of the vanilla candles. Along with the vanilla soap and body lotion they would imply that she was only interested in a more conventional lovemaking. His threats of spankings had been fierce in their communication throughout their separation. She had teased him, sometimes welcoming the thoughts and sometimes protesting, but they both knew how much she needed and wanted him to spank her.

    She smiled too, as she dressed. There were times that only black underwear would do, she told herself as she opened the packet and took out a new pair of black stockings. She fastened the black suspender belt and drew on the stockings. She picked out a new pair of knickers – they were black net – not overly skimpy but revealing more than they hid. The pink ribbon threaded through was rather sweet she thought; counterpointing the naughtiness of their sheer texture.

    Although it was illogical to put on her shoes before completing her dressing, she couldn’t resist. He loved her in her underwear and the spike-heeled, strappy shoes. She enjoyed the subtle contrast of the dark purple straps that criss-crossed her toes and fastened around her ankles. They looked wonderful with the black stockings as he’d noted over his knee, across the table or chair and finally on her bed…

    He had put a lot of thought into how he was going to spank her, so she decided a half-slip petticoat would throw his plans and amuse both him and her. She also knew that she would get spanked on every layer, so her petticoat would earn her a longer spanking… Of course she planned to protest that she was trying to seduce him into simply wanting to caress and fuck her but she knew that neither of them would be fooled…

    Once again she smiled to herself. She teased him about how much time she spent thinking about what she’d wear for him and cook for him. And the fact that she planned her underwear and then the rest of her clothing caused her amusement – not stereotypically feminist thoughts, but she was no stereotype, as they both knew.

    Stood in her slip, black stockings and stilettos she was almost respectable from the waist down… Her uncovered large breasts, however, shattered any such claims to respectability as she reached for the plain white shirt and slipped it over her head. She knew he liked the quite formal look of her in a blouse and office-style skirt. Illogically she had left the close-fitting black skirt until last. She struggled into it, stepping into the garment carefully, unsteady in her high-heeled shoes, and aware of the absurdity of trying to keep the petticoat down as she tugged the skirt up. She just liked the idea of dressing in the reverse order to the way she was likely to be undressed and uncovered by him.

    Her skirt was always the first garment to be lifted, when she was over his lap and had received her first spanking over it. He would spank her over her petticoat, before uncovering her knickers. She shivered at the thought of him taking down her knickers for her first bare-bottomed spanking in two weeks. Although he would take down the pretty black net underwear, she also knew that they would be put back in place ready for the long, hard spanking and caning he had promised her bent over the chair.
    He had said he would cane her over her skirt, and then remove it for the rest of her caning. He hadn’t planned on her petticoat. She knew she would also receive a caning over the thin black slip in addition to the ones he’d already promised to deliver over skirt, knickers and finally on her bare bottom. She didn’t know if he would remove the slip or raise it…

    As she imagined herself over the chair, she knew that he would take down her knickers as she bent over for a caning on the bare. He had also said he would paddle her bare bottom if she had recovered from her first spanking with his hand and her hairbrush. She knew he would inevitably decide she needed the paddle across her exposed bum, as well as the cane…She realised that once again she would lose the protection of her insubstantial knickers before he removed her blouse, but she usually got to regain them, before he took her into the bedroom.
    He would spank her naked bottom with the paddle until she felt she could take no more, and then she would receive six strokes of the cane…

    As she stood shakily in her blouse, knickers, stockings, suspenders and heels, he would hug her and take her to the bedroom. On the bed, she knew she would lose her blouse and then her knickers as he made love to her, dressed in her stockings, suspenders and heels. She was aware that if she turned over onto her tummy as he touched and stroked her he would spank her again. And somehow, despite being spanked to her limit over his lap and over the chair, his kisses and caresses would make her relive her spankings and she would want to be in his power once again. She knew that she would lie on her bed, face down, bare-bottomed in her stockings and stilettos so he could decide how she was to be spanked, as she lay quietly, acquiescent and dazed with desire despite her apprehension.

  • Sex and spanking...

    ...always a good combination I find. I was reading my blog and found mention of something I'd written a while back and forgotten. If I have an idea I will write just a title or few lines as a trigger. And sometimes I write a bit more and keep as what I call a "sexy snippet" which may stand alone or form opening of longer story. As I love cliffhangers and ellipses I find such "snapshots" rather sexy. Really enjoyed rereading this one. Hope others do as well...

    All at Sea

    Suzee knew she had what she described as “rubbish co-ordination”. She also had problems with left and right. She was literally cack handed being a South paw but knew that others like Leonardo, Paul McCartney and the Ripper were not exactly lacking precision and dexterity, despite their non-dexter attributes - Oh, yes - Suzee can be somewhat pedantic and resented the assumptions that lefties were awkward and that everything neat was assumed to be ‘right’ - best not to get her started on sinister and dexter... So it was galling that she couldn’t help proving the stereotype of unco-ordinated leftie as well as being equally rubbish at car parking which she saw as unrelated to her lack of a penis. Yes, Suzee can be a bit of a ranter if you get her started.

    One of the Captain’s first impressions of Suzee was that she didn’t suffer fools gladly. In Suzee’s defence, she could be diplomatic, but she did hate bullshit, believed in straight talking and wasn’t easily fooled. The Captain’s idea of a crew member who’d get her bottom smacked for her errors appealed to them as a fantasy, but wasn’t going to happen - As Suzee would be such a “rubbish deck hand” - her words - through no fault of her own it just wouldn’t be fair for her to get disciplined for something she couldn’t help. “And besides”, she grinned “I’d have to accept you had some authority over me”.

    Luckily for the Captain, despite quickly realising that mastery and punishment of a submissive Suzee was not very likely, she was still amazingly spankable. With the right timing and mood, Suzee could be put over his knee or would bend over for a spanking or the cane as he decided whether or not to raise her skirts or lower her knickers. Caning Suzee had a certain satisfaction, but there was something about the flesh on flesh contact of an old-fashioned spanking and Suzee quickly realised that hands that do rigging can make quite an impression. The captain certainly enjoyed leaving his mark whether it was the red handprint on Suzee’s big bottom or her muffled yelp at the impact.

    And luckily for both of them he’d immediately realised that erotic confusion was the best way to control Suzee. The deep kisses and rearrangement of her clothing while he explored her body had her as helpless as the proverbial kitten as he decided whether to stroke her or spank her. And being enterprising and more in control than she was he would often do both!

    Suzee was well endowed in both the breast and bottom department and joked about her extra large ‘hourglass’ proportions. She’d quickly realised that a generous bottom could bring pleasure to both herself and an enthusiastic spanker, and being rather fond of more conventional attention found her abundant breasts could also be a source of pleasure as the Captain happily proved. And exploring his way through her formal frock with the hint of cleavage and the confirmation that there were suspenders holding up the fishnet hosiery brought them both immense pleasure. As did the unveiling of the black basque and net slip and first glimpse of the stocking tops and almost innocent satiny black knickers.
    As he’d drawn her to her feet that first time she found herself somewhat shaky and it was not entirely down to her rather high black stilettos which brought her nearly to his height she discovered as she clung to him partly for support and most definitely for the sheer pleasure of his body against hers. His decision to remove her dress was wordlessly agreed as still shaking she discovered he had indeed made another decision and the casual slaps to her bottom between the kisses and caresses were about to be formalised.

    Suzee acquiesced in an erotic daze and somehow following his decision that she was to go over his knee for a spanking she moved from the head to toe touch of his body against hers and in a state of near-confusion but compliance found herself over his lap for the first time.

  • More Sex Please - We're British! - "My Mad Fat Diary"

    Saw first two episodes of this wonderful comedy/drama from Channel 4.

    It seems realistic about what it's like to be a teenager and how difficult it can be, but what I loved was something I don't think I've seen before in a drama - a young woman taking pleasure on her own - Hooray for female masturbation! It wasn't gratuitous or overly explicit but it was obvious what was happening and it was shown as joyful and fun. Hope lots of people saw it - especially young women and men!

    Those who have read some of my previous rants will know that I hate how women's sexuality has been portrayed as male centred and for the male gaze. Pornificaton of culture means that in a twisted idea of sexuaity, women feel need to act and look like porn stars and while they may be proud of their sexual repertoire, I suspect they sometimes (often?) don't actually work out their own sexuality and what gives them pleasure.

    I would recommend the great Betty Dodson for a sensible and joyous approach to this wonderful topic.

    And it seems pornification and raunch culture is up for discussion again - Here's something I wrote a while ago - Suzee's Sex manifesto in a way!:yes: Can't believe it was seven years ago that I wrote it, though!

  • Power, consent and BDSM/spanking stuff

    A bit of a p.s. on last post.

    One of the interesting things about coming to terms with being into BDSM and/or spanking and/or power exchange is that a lot of thought is given to power issue and boundaries - not something that happens when one usually has sex, becomes part of a couple, falls in love etc.

    I think in usual relationship development things are "understood" and often unspoken based on norms of behaviour and personal history. Power relatonships and domination/submission will be cultural and personal and may be stated, but less likey to be negotiated. If you're going to allow someone to hit you and/or tie you up, you're going to think very carefully (I hope!) about boundaries and the mantra of "safe, sane, consensual" is vital to most sensible people who incorporate such behaviours into their lives.

    Personally I like getting spanked and am not generally submissive within a relationship in a wider context, but some people are. And some choose to live full time in a Dom(me)/sub relationship. This ceding of "power" as a chosen act that suits both partie but will have rules to ensure it works for both/all parties involved.

    Some may persue a power relationship without rules and that is for them to decide. Discussions on such issues can be found on BDSM sites.

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